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Summary Period: 2003-07-07 to 2003-08-13



Lines Of Code

Total Lines Of Code: 105 (2004-02-04)

Changes Per User

UserChangesLines of codeLines each change
srale 6 (75.0%) 99 (68.2%) 16
kwizatz 2 (25.0%) 46 (31.7%) 23
Sum 8 (100%) 145 (100%) 18

Most Recent Commits

13/08/03 08:33
Added aedThemeInfo struct. Implemented plugin interface versioning.
Wrote some text describing theme creation.
4 lines of code changed in:
tools/README (+4 -2)

01/08/03 05:51
Unified all buttons so there's now only one button class, the aedButton.
It can handle both images and text, and it can also act as a toggle button
(the behaviour is set via setToggleMode() function). aedFontManager no longer
adds './fonts/' to default font search paths. Updated the TODO file.
1 lines of code changed in:
tools/ (+1 -1)

31/07/03 07:50
Improved font2res utility and added a brief explanation of how to use
memory fonts with aedGUI. Now the user can build font2res by running
'make tools'.
93 lines of code changed in:
tools: (+6), README (new 26), font2res.cpp (+61 -37)

30/07/03 07:51
Included VisualC7 and tools directories in the distribution.
1 lines of code changed in:
tools/ (new 1)

07/07/03 12:41
added fontname to font2res.cpp generated file for use with the font manager
1 lines of code changed in:
tools/font2res.cpp (+1)

07/07/03 11:23
added initial font2res.cpp under directory /tools a program that converts a binary file into a header like resource, removed the empty /fonts directory
45 lines of code changed in:
tools/font2res.cpp (new 45)

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